Human Remains Discovered at Santa Ana Home

human remains

It sounds like something you would watch on a television show, but that is not the case when it comes to the human remains that were found in a Santa Ana home just weeks ago. Police received a phone call on Thursday December 17th, stating that there was a dead female body found inside of a running refrigerator.


Homeowners find the body

The dead body was found in a detached garage next to a house in the 1000 block of North Jackson street, located in Santa Ana, California. Homeowners were previously renting the detached garage out to two tenants. Since the old tenants moved out, the homeowners decided to clean out the garage in order to get it ready to rent again. In the process of cleaning, the homeowners noticed that the refrigerator was still running. Upon opening the door, the homeowners discovered the body of a woman, and immediately called the police. The body of the woman was fully clothed, and there was no dismemberment.


Police look into previous tenants

Investigators began by trying to determine the tenants who rented out the property. Anthony Bertagna, Santa Ana police Cpl., said the first step was to determine the old tenants and their current whereabouts. Obviously investigators want to know if they are accountable for the dead body. Alejandra Ramirez, who lives across the street from the garage, told police that a man and woman lived in the garage, and she just saw them a week before the body was discovered. Ramirez said she was in complete shock to hear about the body remains, found so close to her home. As police obtained a search warrant to check the garage, the one block area near the garage was roped off and considered a crime scene. The body found inside the refrigerator was transported to the Orange County coroner’s office for further investigation.


Cause of death

There was no indication as to how long the woman’s body was left in the refrigerator, and did slow the body’s decomposition. Homicide was there to investigate and come up with answers. Did the woman die of natural causes, was there an overdose, are there signs of trauma, why was her body stuffed in a refrigerator, was this in fact a homicide? Because of the way the body was kept for a certain amount of time, the identity of the woman was not immediately known. An autopsy was set to be completed Monday, December 21st.


Police in Santa Ana are asking that if anyone has any information about the former tenants, or know of a missing woman, to contact the police department. Their phone number is 714-245-8665. The Orange County Crime Stoppers are also available at 1-855-TIP-OCCS, if you prefer to remain anonymous. It is unfortunate that all of this happened before the holidays and the new year. Hopefully investigators are able to gain information about where the previous tenants are currently located to get some answers about what exactly happened to the woman, and the woman’s family can gain some kind of closure.


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