Santa Ana Cold Weather to Continue

If you don’t frequent the California area often, then you might think of it as a warm place to live. In reality this season has seen its fair share of cold weather. Beginning in October Santa Ana had a significant wind event. Now cold temperatures noticed during the holiday season are expected to continue well into the new year for the Southern part of California.


October winds in Santa Ana

October was the beginning of cooler weather in Santa Ana when a high pressure wind event occurred. Strong gusts of wind created fire danger, hazardous cross winds for motorists, tree damage, and power outages. These strong winds were said to cause the coolest weather of the season. Now that winter has officially began, Santa Ana is continuing to see a wave of cold weather.


December weather in Southern California

Southern Californians were sure to pull out their winter jackets, hats, scarves, and gloves as the weather dropped at the end of December. Los Angeles saw overnight temperatures of 40 degrees, while Santa Barbara County had temperatures drop to the low 30’s. This cold snap resulted in some crop damages and lasted throughout the last week of the year. Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, the Antelope Valley, and Santa Ana were issued a fire risk by the weather service due to more wind hitting the area. Even with warmer temperatures, residents had to layer up because of the gusty winds. Freeze warnings were also issued for the Santa Monica Mountains Recreational Area, San Fernando valley, San Gabriel valley, and Santa Clarita valley.


Reasons for much colder weather

Meteorologist, Emily Thornton, said that the cold temperatures have a lot to do with the low humidity seen across the southern part of the state. She also added that the sea breezes that come throughout the day tend to make it feel cooler. Thornton just recently moved from Tennessee, a state known for warmer weather, and she said it’s cold in California by comparison.


Current weather in Southern California

The weather service made it known that cold weather would continue into the new year, and their word is true. Rain and cold temperatures continue throughout Southern California and more rain is expected for Thursday, January 7th, which also calls for a chance of thunderstorms. At least 1 inch of rain is expected in the Los Angeles and Orange counties. Temperatures will range in the upper 50’s, but rain will cause it to feel colder. Temperatures in the mountain areas will remain below freezing, and a winter-storm warning has already been issued for the Los Angeles and Ventura county mountains. Mountain areas already received several inches of snow on Tuesday, and are expected to see an additional 5 to 6 inches by Thursday evening. Meteorologists are saying this storm system is the final storm expected for Southern California for the week ending on Saturday, January 9th. Residents of Santa Ana and other Southern California communities are expected to see a break from rain by Sunday.


For those who live in colder states these temperatures seem like nothing to fret about, but for Southern Californians it has definitely been a cold winter.


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