Santa Ana is A Great Destination In Orange County

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Santa Ana is in an interesting predicament in Orange County. If you are from Santa Ana there will be a lot of misconceptions and over exaggerated claims about the city that you’re living in. Orange County residents might think of it as a place where there is a gang problem or filled with too many people living in one house and an influx of a lot of immigrants.

Usually all of these attributes contributed to the city can be constituted as negative. But if you’re lucky you’ll get a group of people in Orange County who realize the great progress that has been being made in Santa Ana in a variety of different areas.

Santa Ana to a lot of people is becoming a safer and area that is progressing positively. There are a lot of cool taverns and bars that are opening up in the area and the diversity is increasing in a lot of ways. It’s a great destination for people in the orange county area.

Quaint Charm is Santa Ana’s Main Selling Point

In a county that is mostly filled with people of higher income and less diversity, Santa Ana is a place that sticks out to a lot of people in the general area. What makes Santa Ana so appealing to investors and tourists is its charm that it has retained.

There is always soccer being played out over the fields and in the front yards. There are pastel colored homes and a charming atmosphere that no other Orange County town can offer anywhere else.

This is the exact thing that needs to be protected though in order for it to continue flourishing. A lot of places are taken up and given trendy types of names and replaced with a sort of gentrified new area. This is good for certain sects of the population who could afford it, but what needs to happen is it come from a more organic place instead.

It is the uniqueness that Santa Ana has a selling point that needs to stay intact. What this means is the sort of cultural heritage there that shouldn’t be just transformed into a new place without thinking about the locals and cultures that may be displaced.

What needs to then happen is a balancing act between bringing in new investments to keep the place hip and an attractive visiting spot for people who wouldn’t usually be interested in going to Santa Ana, while keeping the local business interests at heart.

This can be done by simple common sense and involving the locals in the type of investments and progress that is gong to be taking place. There is one thing that is constant and that is change and progress.

There is no point in trying to stop it and hold onto old ideals but instead trying to incorporate it into a new type of Santa Ana. A place that is going to continue to be a great destination.


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