Santa Ana Mayor Owes Money

Mayor Miguel Pulido has been credited as a long standing mayor that has taking the economy of the city of Santa Ana, CA upward very quickly. The mayor was able to get federal funding awarded to the city of Santa Ana. As a result Santa Ana, CA was declared a Federal Empowerment Zone. Things were looking up for the city and the mayor became known as a success story.

After reaching success evidence seems to suggest that Mayor Pulido began trading his services that he was supposed to be conducting with the city for his own profit.


Where Did the Mayor Go Wrong?

It’s really a sad day to see that a public official can’t even be trusted to pay his debts. Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido has a little bit of trouble finding his wallet in order to pay back loans from wealthy people around the Santa Ana, CA community. The community was made aware of Mayor Pulido’s negligence when the large dollar amounts started appearing on the mayor’s statement of economic interests form.

From the looks of it all it seems as if the mayor may be trying to claim that the loans he was given were actually gifts. If they were gifts of such large amounts, this could suggest that the lenders are actually trying to buy influence from the mayor.


Mayor Pulido’s Statement of Economic Interests

Something does seem a little strange when Mayor Pulido recently filed another statement of economic interest form. The loans listed on the form did not have any repayment due dates attached with them, and all but one of the loans are still outstanding. It has even been documented that individuals as far away from California as Washington, DC. and New Jersey are listed as lenders of large sums of cash to Mayor Pulido.

Mayor Pulido’s track stamen of economic interests form record in black and white`


Conflict of Interest Case

It now turns out that Mr. Pulido and his father we’re also involved in a plot to control the food truck vending business in and around Santa Ana, CA way back in 2007. There are also other prominent business associates that have ties with other Santa Ana, CA city officials. As Mayor, Mayor Pulido should be aware that there are disclosure laws on the books that are designed to prevent public officials from being able to get involved in potential conflict of interest scenarios. There are also strong allegations that Mayor Pulido’s secret involvement with Abel Food Services Inc. was fraudulent.

The business went bust in 2008 and one investor, Mohammad R. “Hamid” Hojati, lost almost 2 million dollars. It is also reported that more than 1 million dollars went missing. Worst of all the business still stands in ruin. Many business owners involved in the scam have claimed that lost hundreds of thousands of dollars and that is the mayor’s fault that the mismanagement and fraudulent activities took place.

More details behind the conflict of interest:

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