Santa Ana Ramping Up to Combat Gang Violence

gang violence

Last week after a gang related shooting, Santa Ana police were rolling out the crime tape on West 10th street late in the afternoon. Police said they took in a man in his 20s to the hospital as he got a gunshot wound. Ever since the New Year there has already been a reported 27 shootings or stabbings in the city. The majority of these crimes relate right back to gangs as usual as the main culprits.

The Police Chief of Santa Ana Carlos Rojas has been concerned about the increase in all of the gang violence. There is an increased rate of violence and it is related right to the amount of handguns that is in the possession of a lot of these cases.

Police have been countering this by leading the response with a probationary sweep in the early morning. With the combined effort of a couple different agencies including the SWAT team, US Marshals and Orange County police made checks on known gang members totaling in at 25 different members who had been taken in at one point or another for various crimes.

The police remarked that they fall under a law called AB109 as it releases low-level inmates out of prison. The idea is to get ahead of them before the increased crime wave begins sweeping over the town.


During one of the sweeps the police found a revolver and a rifle that was under a van on South Townsend Street. When the police would go to the men on probation they would question them and search through any of their residences for drugs and paraphernalia as well as anything like weapons or something that would be against probation code.

The goal is to protect the community. Sgt. Gil Hernandez said that they want to use everything under their command in order to protect the community from violence and the uprising of more gang crime in the city.

Back to the case on Tuesday they said that the man is expected to survive as they search for who shot him. The officers are doing everything in their power to stop the uprising of violence and protect their communities.

Hernandez said that what they did in the morning by arresting these suspects and seizing these weapons was a huge step in the right direction. In response to more crime they will be continuing these sweeps on a regular basis, as they seem to be getting the job done.

Santa Ana police are marking for the first time being proactive rather than reactive, as most police work tends to be. Hopefully this proves to be worthwhile as it catches these members and stops any fears that they may have with these gang members. The year has only begun, but the amount of shootings are outstanding and need to be dealt with and what better way to do that then through the hard working ethics and methods the Santa Ana police force is using.


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