Three Inmates Escape in Orange County

inmate escape

You have seen it in movies like the Shawshank Redemption and have heard about it happening in the news, but many wonder how prison inmates can actually find a way to escape prison. It has been several weeks since three Orange County inmates found a way to escape from a jail in Santa Ana. Three men had developed a plan over a six month period, beginning in July of 2015 on an escape plan that allowed them to break out of the facility at 5am, shortly after an inmate count took place.


Dangerous escapees

The men who escaped the prison were said to be dangerous, one even in jail for accusations of murder. Bac Duong, 43; Hossein Nayeri,37; and Jonathan Tieu,20 were the three men who were able to hatch out and successfully complete their plan of breaking out of jail. After their escape on January 22, awards for information leading to their arrest were offered, but no information was available. New information came to light recently as one of the escaped inmates, Duong, turned himself in. The other two inmates were captured shortly after.


Escaped inmates kidnap taxi driver

Following their escape, the men needed a change of clothes and place to lay low. It is believed that Loc Ba Nguyen, who was charged with smuggling weapons into a correction facility and aiding in a prisoner’s escape, was the one who picked up the three men following their escape. The escaped inmates ended up kidnapping a taxi driver, forcing him to stay with them for a week, with forceful gunpoint. What was probably their downfall came when Duong and Nayeri got into a physical fight over what they should do with the taxi driver, in regards to killing him and burying the body. The men stayed at a San Jose motel for several days, and Duong made the decision to leave with the taxi driver. This is when Duong entered an automotive business to turn himself in.


How the other inmates were captured

The group was staying at the Alameda Motel when Nayeri and Tieu left the facility to go get the window’s tinted of a van they had stolen. During this time, Duong and the taxi driver took the taxi back to Rosemead, and Duong turned himself in. The taxi driver was not injured and worked with investigators to get as much detail as possible regarding the whereabouts of the other two escaped inmates, including giving an accurate description of the stolen van. On Saturday morning, January 30th, Nayeri and Tieu were arrested by San Francisco police after their van was spotted and alerted to investigators. Tieu was hiding inside of the vehicle, while Nayeri tried to run away from police. Investigators worked tirelessly to find these dangerous criminals, and were successful in their efforts.


Whether it be good investigative work or the stupidity of the three men, they were caught, which is the most important thing. Now it is time that the Santa Ana jail take a look at how these men escaped and what they can do to prevent events like this from happening in the future.


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