Which Actress is Opening a Marijuana Dispensary in Santa Ana?

Many people remember Roseanne Barr from her 90’s television sitcom, Roseanne. She has been around in the media promoting her standup comedy and even participated in Comedy Central’s Roast of Roseanne. Now Roseanne Barr is making news for a new business venture. She has plans to become an investor for a marijuana dispensary that will be located in Santa Ana, California.


New dispensary to open up

Barr will become an investor for a dispensary that was one of twenty to win a city lottery to open a location in Santa Ana. Plans for the new dispensary include a name of “Roseanne’s Joint”, and selling a variety of marijuana products. Aaron Herzberg, who has partnered with Barr said that the dispensary will feature some amazing edible products including pot-laced, chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, which are grown on her farm. In addition to being an investor, Barr also plans to make several appearances at the location. She wants to be sure that the dispensary provides customers with a high-end, premium experience with a very open environment.


Barr not the first celebrity involved in the marijuana business

Roseanne Barr is not the first celebrity who has looked into the marijuana dispensary business, and she certainly won’t be the last. B-Real, rapper for Cypress Hill, was one of the first celebrities to develop his dispensary in the Santa Ana area after his dispensary won the license lotto. Famous actor Woody Harrelson also applied for a marijuana dispensary license in Hawaii.


Reasons for this business venture

There are many reasons why Barr wanted to start a marijuana dispensary business. One of those reasons is because she revealed that medical marijuana has been helping her with a diagnosis of glaucoma and macular degeneration. These diseases are causing her to gradually lose her eyesight. Being able to use marijuana for the pain has helped a lot. In a statement, Barr claimed she was proud to be a pioneer in the progress of legalizing marijuana. She is also proud that the city of Santa Ana has recognized marijuana as a natural, therapeutic, and medicinal drug. Herzberg couldn’t agree more with Barr and is excited to work with her. He believes she will be an asset as she is very spiritual and into natural remedies. This will give customers a great laid back, and comfortable experience when visiting the dispensary.


When will Barr’s dispensary open?

Construction should be underway beginning in April of this year. Once they are able to receive a regulatory safety permit, the dispensary would have no problem opening their doors shortly after. Customers can expect to see completive pricing, but will gain a very spiritual experience when visiting the dispensary, which is something you don’t get everywhere. The building is 5,000 square feet, which is three times larger than the average dispensary. Chris Francey is another partner in the dispensary, and he already has a successful medical marijuana location in the city.


Barr hopes that she might be able to license some of her edible products to be sold at other dispensaries in California.


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